Rappi Bier Factory

My friends in Zurich, Greg and Alice, took me to Rappi Bier Factory (also in English) in nearby Rapperswil. They had three beers on tap, and the Big Blackbier I had from a bottle. Apparently their most popular beer is the Rappigold. The owner/brewer Steve tried a different yeast in the batch that was on tap, however, and it was, in a word, bad. Steve apologized for what he called the worst beer he’d ever brewed. Live and learn, I guess.

Rappi Bier Factory

A glass of Rappigold at the Rappi Bier Factory — Rapperswil, Switzerland

    Rob’s Picks

  • XXA Xtra Bitter Strong Ale – 6.7% – Bit of a floral aroma. Sweet caramel kick to hop bite, finishes with good mellow maltiness. Kind of a strong amber.
  • Big Blackbier – 8% – A strong stout (stout stout?). Good full alcohol and stout aroma. Flavors strong, too: alcohol, dark toastiness/smokiness. Not as heavy as it looks — effervescence helps with that. Good hoppiness and a subtle sweetness, too.
    The Rest

  • Rappigold – 4.8% – Hoppy honey lager. Watery and pretty sour. Hopefully Steve will go back to the original yeast in the next batch.
  • Linth Maisbier – 4.4% – Corn beer. Bit of an eggy/corny aroma. Light, with a bubbly tang. Slight breadiness, and decent hoppiness. Corn taste builds up — a lemon wedge would be useful here.

They had a glass for sale, too, but only with the spartan “Bier Factory” name it. The version with the color logo was from a smaller, more expensive production and not for sale. With a bit of sleight of hand, though, I was able to walk away with the fancier one. I drank a whole glass of the crappy Rappigold — I think I deserved it…

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