Surselva Bräu

While on our way to Vals, Greg, Alice, and I stopped in Flims for dinner at Surselva Bräu, a nice-looking brewpub. I had a big ol’ salad and small glasses of the two beers they had on tap. Their other two beers were available only in bottles. All of them were 4.9%, conveniently enough.


Two beers on tap at Surselva Bräu — Flims, Switzerland

    Rob’s Pick

  • Marenghin Extra-Herb – seasonal summer beer – Crisp, lager-y, good hoppiness, good effervescence. Very refreshing.
    The Rest

  • Marenghin – Well-made, light, bready, slightly hoppy. Goes right down, but not too interesting.
  • Blutzcher – Amber color, but very light on the tongue. A bit watery. Malty, but not sweet. Not as hoppy as Marenghin.
  • Rensch – wheat beer – Had strong green olive aroma and flavor — bad batch, I hope? Needed a big wedge of lemon to make it drinkable.

Surselva had all sorts of different beer glasses for sale, but after a few minutes of perusing the varieties and sizes I think I picked the best one.

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