Rathaus Brauerei

On the way from Saanen to Zurich, I stopped in Lucerne for about three and a half hours (I thought I’d have a couple more hours, but the layover in Interlaken Ost was 30 minutes, and the train over Brünig Pass took a while). After running around Lucerne on a hasty “walking” tour, I settled down in the Rathaus Brauerei to sample the two beers they make.

rathaus brews

Two beers in the Rathaus — Lucerne, Switzerland

    Rob’s Pick

  • Pils – 4.5% – Light, not sweet, nice breadiness, no lemon/honey flavors. A good solid pils.
    The Rest

  • Wheat – 4.5% – A sweet wheat. Interesting and different. Sort of a malty sweetness, but not that bock-y sweetness, maybe a malty/honey combo. I liked it well enough, but I’d order the pils if I ever go back.

I also ended up buying a glass from them, figuring it would stay in Zurich until I fly back, so it’s not nearly as crazy as carrying a beer glass to Zurich as, say, from Amsterdam…

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