Tin Dog Brewing

The third new brewery that opened in South Park was Tin Dog Brewing, located a short ride away from the conjoined Lowercase and Burdick. Tin Dog is run by a husband and wife team, and they mostly do Belgian and Belgian-influenced beers. Nice folks, and they have their own bike rack they put out in front when they’re open. First time I visited they were doing samplers in little plastic cups (as pictured below), but when I returned several months later it was only schooners and pints.

this Tin Dog don't bite

Tin Dog Brewing — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Saison – 6.6% – Crisp, with a nice mix of coriander, pepper, alcohol, and a bit of floral. Light funk towards the end and light bitterness.
  • Hoppe the Belgian – 6.5% – Good mix of caramel, alcohol, and banana/clove flavors, with a bit of astringency. Makes you think.
  • NW Pale – 5.5% – Bready, with some sweetness, some bitterness, some caramel, and a hint of astringency on the finish. Easy drinking.
  • White IPA – 4% – Light, crisp, with coriander and citrus peel flavors. Herbal hop and nice bitter finish.
  • Fresh Hop Pale Ale 2014 – 5.7% – West Seattle hops from brother’s backyard. Crisp, with an interesting mix of flavors: bubblegum, light grassiness, light herbal hops, and caramel. Touch of bitterness on the end.
    The Rest

  • Belgian Blonde – 5.6% – Smooth, sweet, light banana/clove, light bubblegum.
  • Too Wit – 5.7% – Smooth, with light rosewater flavor, touch of honey sweetness, and a bit of astringency on the finish.

I was meaning to go back a third time to try their Black Tripel and Pumpkin Saison, but for some reason that didn’t happen. Now that spring is here, though, I’ll have to get back on the bike and pay South Park another visit.

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