Geaux Brewing

I biked out to Geaux Brewing twice in 2014, once via the north end of Lake Washington and once via I-90 and up through downtown Bellevue. The former is kind of long but mostly trail, and can take a while, especially if you stop at some of the Woodinville and Redmond breweries en route (you may end up with a flight like the one pictured below with just 20 minutes before closing time). The latter is much shorter, but there was one section of busy road with no bike lane I wasn’t too thrilled about. I’ll stick with the quieter residential streets east of downtown next time I do the I-90 route. But when you get there, it’s a stark difference outside and inside. Bunch of low-rise business/industrial campuses and strip malls, and then from the asphalt parking lot you walk into this dark taproom all made up like a little slice of New Orleans. You really don’t want to leave once you sit down at the bar.

Who dat say dey gonna drink dem Geaux Brewing beers?

Who dat? Geaux Brewing — Bellevue, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Lafitte – 4.8% – Rye/wheat beer. Honey and light lemon start. Some underlying breadiness, with a touch of dry rye spice. Really nice after a hot bike ride.
  • Mud Bug – 6.5% – American brown. Sweet and warm, with chocolate/coffee, caramel, and bit of honey maltiness. Light underlying citrus edge.
  • Satchmo – 8% – Imperial oatmeal stout. Big, smooth, and creamy. Chocolate, with an alcohol edge. Bit of molasses sweetness and hint of licorice.
  • Rex – 7% – Saison with orange and coriander. Heavy on the orange and coriander, with a slightly thick mouthfeel. Not the usual saison, but tasty. Mosaic hop flavors come out as it warms up.
  • Tremé – 6.9% – IPA. Good tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors with well-balanced caramel and graham cracker malts. Little bit of spiciness on the finish. Light cattiness as it warms up.
  • Poydras – 6.5% – Porter with French and American oak. Interesting and cool coffee/chocolate flavors mixed with oakiness.
  • Sack – 9.5% – Imperial IPA. Big citrus and tropical fruit hop flavors. Crisp, with good light supporting graham cracker malt.
    The Rest

  • Parish Pale Ale – 5% – Bready, with light biscuit and honey. Earthy, herbal hops to bitter finish.
  • Dale – 5% – Orange wit from guest home brewer. Bit of orange flavor but not much. Light with some subtle fruitiness, but nothing too interesting.
  • BTR – 5.4% – Red rye. Some floral hops, some rye spice. Caramel and biscuity maltiness. Lingering floral and touch of bitterness.
  • Bayou – 8.3% – Belgian strong ale made with toasted Louisiana pecans. Some sweetness, some pecan aroma and flavor. Subtle amount of the usual Belgian flavors. Kinda cool, but not really my thing.

Second time I visited they were about to upgrade their brewing equipment, so I’ll have to go back this year and check out all their shiny new gear. Maybe with their increased capacity I’ll start seeing their beer showing up on the west side of the lake, as well.

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