North Fork Brewery

Summer 2012 lasted wonderfully long. When a friend suggested an October hike near Mt Baker, I suggested visiting North Fork Brewery afterwards. The Skyline Divide trail was a bit crowded, but the beautiful scenery and the clear blue sky made it a great day to be in the mountains. Then, after the requisite outdoorsy activity, we headed back down the Mt Baker Highway, keeping our eyes open for the Beer Shrine in the tiny dot of a town called Deming, which may or may not entirely consist of the brewery.  Their full name seems to be the North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria, Beer Shrine, and Wedding Chapel, and they have a pretty convenient spot for folks who want to eat pizza and drink beer (or, I suppose, get married) after a day of hiking or skiing. Maybe a little too convenient — we had to wait 20-30 minutes for a table.

Beer Shrine worship

Getting religion at the North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria, Beer Shrine, and Wedding Chapel — Deming, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Strong Scotch Ale – 7% – Solid caramel maltiness with a touch of nuttiness. Spicy bubbliness and subtle hoppiness (floral?). Subtle alcohol flavor, too.
  • Bavarian Hefeweizen -4.8% – Strong banana/clove aroma and flavor with surprising sharp spicy start. Pretty cool twist on a standard.
  • ESB – 4.6% – Light and creamy with caramel maltiness and some hoppy undertones. Not the usual ESB I’m used to, but great balance and goes right down.
  • Hair of Frog Barley Wine – 11.9% – Actually pretty good. Malty flavors are not overpowering and go well with the alcohol flavor. Bit of whiskey flavor, too, which is always nice.
    The Rest

  • Lighter Shade of Pale – 5% – Light on the tongue. Light biscuity maltiness and light floral hoppiness. Well-named. Drinkable but a little light for me.
  • IPA – 6.4% – Crisp floral hoppiness with good malty base. Pretty solid but not too exciting.
  • Dry Stout – 4.4% – Creamy and dry, with nice coffee/chocolate flavors, but a touch watery. Dry and watery? Yeah, weird, right?

Pretty cool place, overall, and their logo glasses are very fun. I’m looking forward to my next hiking and/or snow adventure in the Mt Baker area.

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