Pyramid Breweries

Yeah, I know. The Pyramid Breweries are not exactly what one would call a microbrewery, but they’ve got Washington history, and the brewing equipment in their Seattle alehouse is back in action — they actually have smaller batch stuff on tap, in addition to all their usual beer. So when a friend and I were biking around town one day, and no brewery had been visited, this is where we ended up. A bike ride just doesn’t feel complete anymore unless there’s a brewery visit or two. We ordered two taster flights of Pyramid-only beer, hoping to get all the in-house brews, but two MacTarnahan’s tasters were included, anyway. Even though they are in the same North American Breweries “portfolio” as Pyramid, I’m not going to include them here. Suffice to say, the MacTarnahan’s were okay but not very interesting.

way too much Pyramid beer

The great Pyramid taster tray — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • McTut Irish Stout – Really nice Irish stout. Creamy, with strong chocolate/coffee aroma and flavor. Goes right down.
  • Eye of Ra – 5.8% – Rye based. Malty and sweet with a nice rye flavor. Touch of alcohol flavor, too. Pretty interesting and very drinkable.
  • Hop Tep II IPA – 6.7% – Good strong citrus and floral blend with solid caramel malty base. Really smooth.
  • Oktoberfest – 6.6% – Caramel sweetness and big malty base. Basically a big amber, smooth and with a touch of floral hop flavor.
  • Thunderhead IPA – 6.7% – Smooth, with a good malt/citrus/floral balance and a light bitter finish. Bit of caramel, too. Not bad.
  • Summer Bock – 6.7% – Light banana/clove flavor, bready, some floral hoppiness. Really light in color. Not the kind of bock I was expecting, but oh well.
  • Cleo’s Cream Stout (nitro) – 5.8% – Pretty creamy but with a slight crispness, interestingly enough. Nice mellow maltiness. Smooth and goes right down.
    The Rest

  • Red Wheat Fig – 6.7% – Kinda malty, kinda sweet, lingering figgy flavor but not overpowering. Taster’s good enough for me, though.
  • Hefeweizen – 5.2% – Taster served with muddled lemon. Basically tasted like bready lemonade. Drinkable but I would’ve liked to have decided on the lemon myself.
  • Apricot Ale – 5.1% – Strong apricot aroma and lingering flavor. Bready, and a bit syrupy sweet.
  • Alehouse Amber Ale – 4.9% – Malty blahness and a touch watery.

Pyramid was in the news around here recently when NAB was sold to some Costa Rican beverage conglomerate. Don’t know how that will affect things locally, but I hope the smaller batch stuff they’re making in the Seattle alehouse sticks around.

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