Migration Brewing

When we arrived here, I thought this place was pretty great, but by the time we left it had gotten so crowded and loud that it just wasn’t very enjoyable anymore. Better to get to Migration Brewing early, or go mid-week. The curse of success, I suppose.

Most folks on the tour ordered individual pints here, but Robert, who rejoined us here with his wife and a friend after a post-Green Dragon hiatus, got a comprehensive sampler of the Migration ales. So I was able to try everything on tap. After a whole day of sampling beer, however, my notes were somewhat sub-par. Oh well. Just go meta with this one.

Migration Brewing

Migration beers migrating to our bellies — Portland, OR

    Rob’s Picks

  • Migration Pale Ale (MPA) – 5.2% – Floral aroma. Broad malty base with some floral hoppiness. Very drinkable.
  • Luscious Lupulin IPA – 6.5% – Floral/citrus hop blend — quite nice. Subtle maltiness. Good lasting hoppiness.
  • Black Hearted CDA – 7% – Seasonal. Great blend of roasted maltiness and bitterness.
  • Terry’s Porter – 6.7% – Malty and dry, with bitter undertones. Really good porter.
  • Deuce Double IPA – 9% – Seasonal. Good hoppiness, but maltiness really shines. Awesome balance. Bitter but smooth.
    The Rest

  • Clem’s Cream Ale – 4.6% – Very bready, pretty crisp. More like a blonde.
  • Glisan St. Dry Hop Pale Ale – 5% – Sweet aroma. Pretty good, but kind of sweet instead of extra hoppy.
  • Old Silenus Strong – 7.2% – Malty sweet aroma. Doesn’t taste strong, more like a good bock. (Too bad I’m not a big fan of bocks…)

Usually the intros and outros are fairly easy to write, but after so many breweries in one day, and so many posts in a short span of time, they’ve been getting harder and harder to come up with and make entertaining (although the next one will be easy). Sigh. My life is so hard!

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