Coalition Brewing

I liked Coalition Brewing. Pretty small, with a great hang out vibe to it. Plus the bartender was quite pretty and gave out free stickers. They have a program where you can try your hand at the brewing process on their pilot system, and if people like the beer, they’ll scale it up to the bigger system. If I lived in Portland, I have the feeling I’d spend a little too much time here.

Coalition Brewing

Tour organizer obscured by some fine Coalition beer — Portland, OR

    Rob’s Picks

  • Two Dogs IPA – 5.8% – Lots of hop. Floral, bitter, crisp.
  • Wu Cream Ale – 4.9% – Very hoppy, but not particularly creamy. Sort of IPA-ish.
  • Bump’s Bitter ESB – 5.5% – Not too bitter, not too malty. Great balance.
  • Lost Glove Strong – 8% – Rose-y aroma. Caramel flavor that mixes well with the floral hoppiness, and a nice maltiness. Really good.
  • Loving Cup Maple Porter – 5.5% – Great coffee dryness. Very drinkable.
  • Hanso Stout – 6.2% – Seemed very similar to the Loving Cup. Still good, though.
  • Apollo Creed CDA – 7% – Not too hoppy, but great maltiness and good balance. Nice.
    The Rest

  • King Kitty Red – 5.74% – Hoppy, malty aroma. Malty, hoppy flavor. Okay.
  • Wheat the People – 4.4% – Bubbly, with a bready finish. Very light. Also okay.
  • Mr. Pigs Pale – 5% – Floral aroma. Flavor a little too floral for me, but otherwise nice.
  • Hanso vs. Bulleit – 6.4% – Aged on oak with Bulleit bourbon. Didn’t really taste the bourbon very much. Good stout, but I expected more from this one.

I’m now half-way through the brewery posts from this busy beer-tasting weekend. Whew!

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