Woods Beer Co

When I first saw via the SF Brewer’s Guild a new little place called Cervecería de Mateveza, I was a bit puzzled. They brewed some of their own beer, and some they seemed to contract out. When I finally visited during my January 2015 Bay Area trip, I saw just how small their space was, which answered one question but also raised some more. They had a tiny brewing system (5 gallons?) but were selling bottles of their beer, and their then-named “Woods Wheat” mentioned Woods Beer Co. Were they still doing contract brewing? Who was this Woods Beer in Oakland? Why didn’t I ask the guy working there these questions? They eventually updated their web site, so I finally learned that they upgraded to a bigger system but based it in Oakland with the new name. Then I was torn – since their production brewery was now elsewhere, would this count as an official visit? Yeah, I actually debated that. The Cervecería was their original location, though, and they still had their old equipment there, and they’re still a SF Brewers Guild member, so I figured what the hell. And here it is.

cervecitas en La Ciudad

Cervecería de Mateveza, the original location of Woods Beer Co — San Francisco, CA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Yerba Mate IPA – 7% – Smooth, with a big herbal quality, to a mildly bitter finish. Slight cool mint edge to the herbal aspect.
  • Morpho – 6% – Gruit style with yerba mate, hibiscus, and bay leaf. Interesting fruity/berry, herbal, dry, lightly tannic, subdued beer.
    The Rest

  • Dry Hopped Wheat – 5.2% – Floral and citrus aroma. Light on the tongue with citrus and floral hops to lightly bitter finish. Not bready until a hint at the end, with the bitterness.

On my next Bay Area visit I’ll have to check out the Woods Beer location in Oakland to assuage any lingering guilt.

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