Blue Lightning Brew

An auspicious confluence of events occurred on November 8, 2014. Two old friends of mine came into town, in part to visit another old friend’s relatively new food truck, which happened to be at the Grand Opening celebration for Blue Lightning Brew. It was all very convenient. Old friends, a sampler flight from a new brewery, and some grilled cheese sandwiches from The Ultimate Melt. Pretty awesome. Blue Lightning is an interesting spot. They’re in the same warehouse space with a winery, but their equipment is separate and distinct down in the open area below the shared taproom.

blue lightning in a glass

Samplers on the scenic parking lot table at Blue Lightning — Woodinville, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Papa Gay Gay IPA – 6.9% – Big tropical fruit blast, as well as some earthy hops. Caramel malt support and good lingering flavors.
  • Double Ott Stout – 6.8% – Big roasty aroma and flavor. Light coffee/chocolate and brown sugar sweetness, with some dark chocolate bitterness.
  • IPA Ratticus – 6.5% – Big tropical fruit aroma and flavor. Underlying caramel. Light piney and earthy hops, too, with good lingering flavors.
  • Just the Tip ISA – 4.7% – Light but still has a good mouthfeel. Floral, earthy, and herbal hop flavors with light breadiness.
    The Rest

  • Horny Blonde – 4.5% – Sweet bubblegum start to bready finish, with some light honey sweetness. Some herbal and spicy hops, as well.
  • BP-A – 6.7% – Pale Ale. Biscuity, bready, and some honey, with floral hops.
  • Hopped Scottish – 7.2% – I think this is now called “Scotchie Scotchie Scotch” or “Scotchie Scotch Scotch” or some other silly repetitive thing. Anyway. Big biscuit, caramel, and bready malts. Some floral, herbal, and earthy hops. Underlying smokiness. (The grain is home-smoked in a BBQ rig with apple wood.)
  • Oktoberfest – 5.7% – Light, crisp, with lots of malt flavor – caramel, graham cracker, light toffee. Light floral and herbal hops with some bitter zing on the finish.

Blue Lightning is a few doors down from Dirty Bucket and almost across the street from Triplehorn. Seems like Woodinville has its own confluence going on these days.

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