Slaughter County Brewing

There’s a loop ride I like that passes through Port Orchard and involves three ferry rides. It has become even better since Slaughter County Brewing (they have their own domain, but it just redirects to their Facebook page) opened on the Port Orchard waterfront. I start off biking to West Seattle (if you want a 4th ferry ride, you can hop on the Elliott Bay Water Taxi), then around and down to the Fauntleroy-Southworth ferry. Mostly following the coastline takes you to Port Orchard, where you can stop at the only (as far as I know) pirate-themed, Irish pub and brewery. If you’re lucky the staff will be in full pirate costume. The tricky part of the ride is the foot ferry from Port Orchard to Bremerton — it has a year-round schedule and an expanded summer schedule — check beforehand or else you might be re-tracing your route back to the Southworth ferry. Then it’s the Bremerton-Seattle ferry back home.

drink Slaughter County or I will keelhaul you, arr!

Arr, matey! Come swill some grog at Slaughter County Brewing — Port Orchard, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Gorst Pilsner – 5.6% – Lemony aroma and flavor. Bready malt with herbal, earthy hops. Bitter finish that blends back in well, but may be too bitter for some.
  • Ol’ One Eye IPA – 5.8% – Herbal, earthy hops with smooth caramel maltiness. Nice amount of bitterness on the finish.
  • O’Cairdubhain’s Stout – 6% – Chocolate/coffee aroma and flavor. Caramel, too. Quite dry and pretty solid.
    The Rest

  • Bondsman Bitter ESB – 6.2% – Smooth. Caramel maltiness. Light herbal hops. Okay, but not too interesting.

Now that summer’s starting, I’m going to have to do this ride again. Just typing up the route description made me want to hop on the bike. Maybe I can also find out how the name of their stout is pronounced…

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