2014 / 2015

Well, 2014 has drawn to a close, and I just barely managed to write up all the new breweries I visited way back in 2013. I can rattle off plenty of excuses for my meager blog output, but they all add up to Procrastination. My 2015 resolution will be to post at a steadier pace, regardless of whether people read it or not. The eventual goal is to get caught up on my backlog, which at this point is 13 breweries and one cidery, as well as a bazillion beers to add to old posts. Now that the 2013 entries are done, though, I feel like I can start working on those updates without falling too far behind on new posts. Heck, I’ve got all year to get those new posts done!

There are, however, at least a dozen new breweries in the Puget Sound area I want to visit, and a trip to the Bay Area coming up where I’ll hit a few more, and suddenly 2015 sounds like it’ll be pretty busy. I may need to dial down the beer intake for a bit in order to get caught up. Funny how that works.

Anyway, the new posts to look forward to include three new places in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood, three on the eastside, two in Bellingham, and three in Corvallis. Yeah, I didn’t do a whole lot of travel last year. That’s another resolution for 2015, travel more.

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