Barley Mill Brew Pub

I gotta say, the Barley Mill Brew Pub in Penticton isn’t the sort of brewpub I usually visit. If I were a hardcore UFC fan or if I enjoyed less-than-interesting lagers and ales, then I would want to hang out at the Barley Mill all the time, swilling their brews with my eyes glued to the fights playing on their tv’s. But I’m not either of those, so if circumstances beyond my control dictate my return, I’d go with the guest taps and try and find a relatively quiet corner.

six reasons at the barley mill brew pub

Sampler flight at the Barley Mill Brew Pub — Penticton, BC

    Rob’s Picks

  • Caballero Cerveza Mexican Lager – Light and well carbonated. Not so bready, more dry. Very drinkable.
  • Nite Mare Brown Ale – Sweet caramel maltiness. Least light of the six – has a bit of a body, which is nice.
    The Rest

  • Classic Draft Lager – Lots of carbonation. Bready, light, crisp, a touch watery. Lingering breadiness.
  • Cayuse Wheat Ale – Very light. Not very bready, with a touch of sweetness. Filtered. Guess I was expecting more of a hefeweizen.
  • Mustang Pale Ale – Somewhat malty, somewhat floral, kinda blah.
  • Red Clover and Honey – Light, kinda malty, with a touch of floral. Bit o’ honey on the finish.

So yeah, I was a bit let down that the Barley Mill wasn’t my thing, but I have since learned that a new Penticton brewpub (Bad Tattoo Brewing) will be opening in May 2014, just in time for climbing season. That’s as good a reason as any to head back, as far as I’m concerned.

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