Odin Brewing

Some production-only breweries are easier to visit than others. I’d heard from one guy I met at some other brewery that Odin Brewing was one of the easier ones. He’d dropped by once on a Friday afternoon, and the folks there let him try a bunch of their beers. I thought about doing that for a while but never actually got around to it. Then the Washington Beer Open House rolled around, and I saw Odin on the list. So yeah, no more procrastinating — it was time to get on the bike and pay them a visit. The weather that day was chilly but, luckily for me, mostly sunny. The free finger-foods inside the brewery were nice, but heaters would’ve been nicer — my biking layers were no match for the freezing cold warehouse. I wanted to get back on the bike as soon as possible to warm up, but there were so many beers to try. Oh, the hardships I endure for this blog. And then about four months later, they opened the Asgard Tasting Room in Fremont. If only I’d been lazier, I could’ve had a shorter bike ride in much warmer weather. That’ll teach me.

Odin Brewing

Open house tasting event at Odin Brewing — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Freya’s Gold – 4.5% – Kolsch. Nice crisp breadiness with an herbal hoppy bite.
  • Viking Gold – 4.5% – Extra pale ale. Good light maltiness. Bitter edge with a bit of herbal and spicy hop flavors.
  • Odin’s Gift – 5.4% – Amber with juniper. Sweet caramel malt start to a bit of tart/bitter zing on the finish. Very drinkable.
  • Sigrun IPA – 6.1% – Spicy, slightly sharp aroma. Interesting grapefruit, herbal, spicy hop flavor mix, with a supportive malty backbone.
  • Thor’s Equinox – 9% – Belgian dark strong. Smooth, sweet caramel with hint of clove. Crisp, too, with sweet finish. Doesn’t taste 9%.
  • Abbey Single – 6% – Crisp and light with banana/clove flavors and a very slight hint of sour on the finish. Really very refreshing. Open House special.
  • Thor’s Jackhammer – 12% – Bourbon barrel aged Thor’s Equinox. Lovely bourbon aroma. Bourbon and some creamy vanilla flavors make a great balance and addition to Equinox. Open House special.
  • X-tra Stout – Coffee aroma. Coffee and chocolate flavors. Really excellent mouthfeel – just enough chewiness. Just enough dark chocolate bitterness to balance the chocolate sweetness. Open House special.
    The Rest

  • Thor’s Sunstone – 7.9% – Belgian style tripel. Banana/clove aroma. Fairly strong banana/clove flavors, some herbal hop flavor, and subtle biscuity maltiness. Maybe some dry rye notes? Lingering bitter finish.

The one benefit, I suppose, of being so far behind on my blog posts was being able to visit Asgard before publishing this. Would’ve been easy enough to update it after the fact, but it’s the principle of the thing, I suppose. Anyway, the tasting room is pretty great. Right on the Burke-Gilman, with a patio area where you can sit and watch the bikes roll by, and inside is a cozy space with a cool bar, and a rotating cask in addition to all the taps. Glassware for sale, too, but I didn’t see the shaker pint I got during the open house. Logo tasters and Tom Collins glasses. Interesting. Here’s a bonus picture of Asgard:

Asgard Tasting Room -- where Norse gods go to drink

Odin Brewing’s spiffy new Asgard Tasting Room, where Norse gods go to drink.

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