Foggy Noggin

I’d been putting off biking to Foggy Noggin Brewing in Bothell for quite a while. It seemed a little too far and not the most interesting ride for just one brewery, but then a whole bunch of new breweries opened up in nearby Woodinville, and so I finally decided to make a day of it. Unfortunately, it was a pretty hot day, and I managed to hit the final hills during the hottest part of the afternoon (with bonus not-so-bike-friendly construction work obstacles along the busy road). Made me wish I’d left several hours earlier. Or just driven. Finally at the Foggy Noggin home, I got off my bike, drenched with sweat, and the owner Jim Jamison took one look at me and said, “Let me get you some water.” Nice guy. In between copious re-hydrating, I sampled four of their beers and sat in the garage/taproom out of direct sunlight, trying to stop sweating. Good times.

A month and a half later I paid another visit for their Hoptoberfest — four fresh hop versions of their Diablo Del Sol seasonal on tap. It was rainy and at least 25 degrees cooler than the first visit. Gonna lose my hardcore bike cred, but on this day I drove. Oh well. Still a good time.

little Fn beers

Gettin’ my noggin foggin’ at Foggy Noggin — Bothell, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Bit o’ Beaver – 3.4% – English bitter. Good bitter start, with balancing biscuity breadiness. Really smooth. Goes right down after a hot summer bike ride.
  • Christmas Duck – 5.6% – Porter. Sweet, but with balanced with coffee/chocolate flavors to somewhat dry finish. Interesting mix of flavors and mouthfeel. Nice lingering coffee/chocolate flavors.
  • Kastrated Dawg – 5.7% – Strong ale. Dry, with chocolate/coffee flavors and a touch of alcohol. Similar to the Duck but without the sweetness.
  • Butch’s Angry Beaver – ESB. Collaboration with Mt. Tabor Brewing. Crisp, with caramel flavor and nice smoky whiskey undertones, and lingering bitterness.
  • Diablo Del Sol Fresh Hop 2012 #1 – 5.2% – Centennial and Fuggle hops. Sharp and crisp with strong caramel flavor. Floral hop mix and a touch of an alcohol edge.
  • Diablo Del Sol Fresh Hop 2012 #2 – 5.2% – Willamette hops. Not as sweet as #1, but still some caramel flavor. Maybe more herbal hoppiness? A bit of a bready finish.
  • Diablo Del Sol Fresh Hop 2012 #3 – 5.2% – Cascade hops. Less sweet, even. Noticeably more floral notes. Had to wait for it to warm up a bit to get the citrus flavor.
  • Diablo Del Sol Fresh Hop 2012 #4 – 5.2% – Mt. Hood hops. Sharpest floral notes of the four. Not quite the best flavor mix, but still pretty nice.
    The Rest

  • Rufus – 6.3% – English IPA. Aroma kind of bubble gum-like. Sweet, bitter, with some caramel maltiness. Pretty smooth. Lingering sweetness and bitterness.
  • Oski Wow-Wow – 5.6% – Scotch ale. In the flat variety of Scotch ales. Caramel flavor, some smokiness, but somewhat watery.

Didn’t stay as long as I would’ve liked on the first visit — still had a couple breweries to visit and a Burke-Gilman ride home to do before it got too dark. And miles to go before I sleep, etc.

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