Lazy Boy

Summer solstice turned out to be pleasantly sunny, and I decided to celebrate with a bike ride. It felt like an Interurban sort of day, and so I rolled down the hill, loaded the bike on the bus, and less than half an hour later was at the South Everett Park ‘n Ride. Back on the bike, I pedaled north for about a mile up the Interurban trail, which passes right next to that PnR, and reached my first stop for the day, Lazy Boy Brewing. What an arduous trek that was! Sometimes, though, you just gotta have dessert first.  It had been four years since I previously visited, and they now have a full-on taproom with free pretzels and freshly popped popcorn, as well as a large selection of souvenir shirts and glasses and whatnot.  It’s like they’ve grown up — maybe it’s time to change the name to Lazy Man Brewing.

Lazy Boy Brewing

Gettin’ lazy at Lazy Boy Brewing — Everett, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Summer Rye – First day for this summer seasonal! Light and bubbly, then bready, with a subtle sweetness (maybe from the orange peel added in the brewing process), and a bit of hoppiness on the finish. Great summer beer.
  • IPA – Malty and a lingering bitterness, with a pretty big body to it. Mellows out nicely as it warms up.
  • Dubbel with Jack Daniel’s – Interesting twist on the Dubbel. Jack adds a nice layer with its whiskey flavor — good balance to the malty sweetness.
  • Golden Belgian Ale – Creamy and smooth. Subtle banana/clove flavor. Really nice balance.
  • Nighty Night Belgian Black IPA – Collaboration with Naked City. Great roasted malt/coffee flavor that lingers. Slight alcohol edge and very subtle banana/clove notes. Extremely drinkable.
    The Rest

  • Belgian Dubbel – Malty sweet, slightly creamy, with a toasty finish. A bit too sweet for me.
  • Bavarian Hefeweizen – Banana/clove aroma and flavor, if that’s your thing. Sweet honey-ish finish.
  • Amber Ale – Malty/toasty and smooth, but not too interesting.
  • Black Out Lager – Schwarzbier – Roasted malt and coffee flavors. Pretty light and dry, and not hoppy.

I’ve been a bit of a lazy boy myself, taking a month to get this post written up.  They’ve since released another collaboration with Naked City, the alluringly named Naked & Lazy IPA.  I’ll have to get off my butt and track down a pint before it’s all gone.  Oh, and speaking of pints, I thought I was safe with my old Lazy Boy IPA logo pint glass, but they now have regular Lazy Boy Brewing glasses, which is the sort of logo glass I prefer, and I succumbed to my collection addiction and bought one.  Jeez.

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