Wingman Brewers

Now that my cousin has moved to Tacoma I’m slowly but surely visiting his nearby breweries. I made my latest trek south for his housewarming/baby shower BBQ fiesta, joined by my brother, and en route we stopped at the brand new location of Wingman Brewers. Pretty convenient location, right next to the train station and bus transit center.

a true flight of tasters

Cute little tasters at Wingman Brewers — Tacoma, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Tripel – 9% – Nice caramel aroma. Really nice and crisp caramel and alcohol flavors to a malty finish. Subtle banana/clove flavor as it warms up.
  • Dubbel – Don’t usually like dubbels, but this one’s pretty good. Nice balance of malty sweetness with raisin flavor. Caramel notes, and quite crisp.
  • Ace IPA – 7.4% – Crisp and hoppy. Mostly floral, but with some grapefruit notes. Good malty base.
  • Riveter Root Beer – 0% – Cool flavors: coriander, ginger?, honey. Really fun.
    The Rest

  • Warrior Single Hop IPA – 6.8% – Also crisp and hoppy. Pretty intense and lingering hoppiness. Also has a good malty base. Hops in this one just didn’t jibe with me, though.

The careful reader will notice that there’s a sixth taster but only five listed. They were also pouring the Ace through a Randall with Siracha hops (but not, unfortunately, Sriracha, which was what my brother heard when it was described). It was a little smoother, sweeter, with more caramel flavor than the regular Ace. Pretty awesome. They didn’t have their P-51 Porter or Stratofortress cedar-aged Belgian ale available, so I’ll just have to re-visit one of these days. I have the feeling that once my cousin’s kid is born, though, there won’t be as many parties in T-Town.

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