Breakside Brewery

Robert, Morgan, and I lingered at Fire on the Mountain after the others set off on foot to Breakside Brewery, but they had already arrived and ordered a few beers and free samples by the time Robert dropped off the two of us (he had a few things to do other than hang out and drink — weird). So I spent some time playing catch-up with the beers on the table and giving the glad eye to one of the waitresses, but she never even looked my way.

Breakside has a cool space: two levels, lots of light, modern feel. Nice neighborhood brewpub.

Papa beer and baby beers

Papa beer and baby beers at Breakside Brewery — Portland, OR

    Rob’s Picks

  • Hoppy Amber – 5.5% – Hoppy aroma. Great citrus hoppy bite and good malty base.
  • Aztec – 9.4% – Nice amber color. Great spicy maltiness and good alcohol edge.
  • Alanbier – 8.2% – Nice brown with slight nuttiness. Good body and dryness.
    The Rest

  • Dry Stout – 4.7% – Good chocolatey aroma. Very dry, but kind of watery. Flavors are kind of weak.
  • BLT Gose – 4.6% – Watery, bready, slightly lemony. Odd.
  • Triple – 9.1% – Slow start to sweet caramel finish. Doesn’t taste strong. Not the usual tripel, not too sharp.
  • American Wheat – Kinda blah. [Not the best tasting notes, I know…]

What else to say? Only three more Portland brewery posts to go — can’t wait till I’m all caught up!

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