Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger

Two small glasses (7.5 ounces) of Pliny the Younger

February means one thing (at least for some people): hunting season has officially opened for Pliny the Younger. Made by Russian River Brewing, Pliny the Younger is only available in small quantities, and only a select few alehouses here in the Seattle area get a small keg of it, and it always sells out fast. Fortunately, being unemployed means I can make it to the odd hour pourings, and that’s exactly what I (and an unemployed friend) did when it went on tap at Naked City at 2:00 pm on February 15th. Keg ran out at 2:19 pm. This was my first time trying P the Y, and I must say it was an exceptional beer. I will definitely try and find another pouring (or two) before the season ends.

Pliny the Younger – 10.5% – Strong piney aroma. Great initial bubbliness and spiciness. Strong piney and hoppy flavors. Lovely malty undertones. Long finish — grapefruit citrus flavor that mixes well with a subtle caramel taste and slight alcohol edge. Awesome!

Also on tap as consolation beers were Naked City‘s “Cry me a River” and Big Time‘s “Whiny the Complainer.” So we tried those, as well…

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