Hopworks Urban Brewery

I finally headed back down to Oregon recently, mainly to visit friends but also to hit a few breweries. First up was lunch at the Hopworks Urban Brewery. I arrived in Portland a little after 1:00, and so Kappy and I were quite hungry by the time we sat down in the HUB. The place was all done up in various bike decor, frames above the bar and jerseys on the walls, and that made me feel right at home. Too bad Seattle doesn’t have a place like this. Anyway, we ordered our lunches, as well as the house-made pretzels as an appetizer. The pretzels, which looked more like bread sticks, were quite big. Very tasty, though. Then our plates arrived, and the portions were huge. I did my best with my Tofu Po’ Boy and salad, but ended up leaving most of the soft baguette. We were both still full by the time we made it to Corvallis and went out to dinner with Kappy’s wife. So much food! I’ll have to go for a run or something soon.

Hopworks taster tray

Taster tray at the hip Hopworks Urban Brewery — Portland, OR

    Rob’s Picks

  • Organic HUB Lager – 5.1% – Nice aroma. Initial light taste to strong breadiness. Very slight hop bite aftertaste.
  • Crosstown Pale Ale – 5.3% – Floral aroma. Mix of floral and bready tastes. Smooth, with a good lingering bitterness. Not bad for a floral beer.
  • Hopworks IPA – 6.6% – Hop aroma blast. Good strong hoppiness with floral and citrus notes. Nice balance of hops. Reminds me of Ninkasi’s Total Domination.
  • Survival 7-Grain Stout – 5.3% – Strong chocolate aroma. Thick and chocolatey. Bit of coffee flavor, too. A very filling beer — I’d be full after one pint. Might be a bit too much, actually, and I debated dropping it down to The Rest, but didn’t.
  • Hey Porter – 5.1% – seasonal – Interesting complex malty aroma. Dry, slightly smoky, good malty base. Some chocolate, some coffee. Pretty yummy.
    The Rest

  • Velvet ESB – 5.2% – Slight floral aroma. Good maltiness, with slight caramel flavor. Fairly crisp. Malty/floral mix kind of odd, though.
  • Deluxe Organic Ale – 6.9% – Floral aroma. Some hoppiness, some maltiness, but kind of blah. Not too interesting.
  • What the Helles – 4.5% – seasonal – Very light to start, leading to slightly bready flavor that lingers. Drinkable but, again, not too interesting.
  • Abominable – 7.3% – seasonal – Floral aroma. Strong floral taste. Bit of a malty base, but not enough of a balance for me. Pretty light for a winter ale, too.
  • Secret Alt – 4.2% – seasonal – Slight floral aroma. Bubbly and light, somewhat malty. Not so interesting, either.

They had two logo glasses for sale, as well. I went with the pint glass rather than the stein. It ended up being their BikeToBeerFest glass, which is awesome. The stein just has their logo, which is fine and all, but I’m all about the beer-biking. Maybe next year I’ll sign up for STP and have a celebration beer at HUB at the end of the ride…

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