Emerald City Beer Company

Although I still have yet to re-visit some older Seattle brewpubs for the blog, I went out recently to the fairly new Emerald City Beer Company with a couple friends at the start of a decent 40 mile bike ride. I had a coupon for their tap room that I needed to use before the end of July, and so it seemed like a fine little detour on the way to the bus to Tacoma, where the rest of the ride commenced.

Emerald City is still gearing up their tap room. For instance, they will eventually install a real tap system. And a big flat-screen tv. And have logo glasses. And have more than one beer available. To be fair, a new batch of their second beer, the Whiskey Lager, was almost done and would be pouring the next week. So I guess I’ll have to go back and check it out. Fortunately, the one beer on tap was quite good.

It’s an interesting niche they’re filling, the craft lager market. They have a dark lager in the works for the fall and then a honey pilsner for next spring. So yeah, they’re a good addition to the local microbrewery scene.

Update! I went back a couple weeks later and tried the Whiskey Lager. It’s an unfiltered lager and spends two months in an old Dry Fly Distillery barrel. Good stuff.  7/12/12: Finally made it back, and a lot has changed since the last visit.  They have the real tap system and the big flat-screen tv now, but still no logo glasses.  They expanded their floor space, and it’s holding several huge palettes of Dottie cans.  Pretty cool.  And of course, two more beers to try — yay!

Emerald City Beer

A date with Ivana and Betty at Emerald City Beer Company — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Betty Black Lager – 4.8% – Roasty malt aroma.  Light but a bit creamy on the tongue.  Great mix of malt, coffee, and a bit of caramel flavors.
  • Ivana Pale Lager – 4.8% – Good little hoppy aroma.  Bright and crisp body.  Bready, slightly floral, with a bitter finish.  Pretty drinkable.
  • Dottie Seattle Lager – Nice amber color. Light maltiness, good hoppy bite. Not your usual lager. Quite good and drinkable.
  • Whiskey Lager – Whiskey aroma. Bit darker in color than Dottie. Nice whiskey flavor to start, goes well with the hoppiness, subtle malty finish. Very slight caramel sweetness. Really drinkable. Somewhat reminiscent of a tripel.

I upgraded the picture during the 7/12/12 visit.  I think I’ll keep this one around for a while.

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