San Francisco Brewing Company

I was flipping through an old Moleskine notebook of mine and came across what looks like my first set of microbrewery tasting notes, from December 30, 2005. Apparently I was in San Francisco at that time and had several free hours to spend in the San Francisco Brewing Company, which closed its doors in November 2009. The notes themselves are about as basic as you can get, but they make me smile, and so writing this post seems like a decent way to say goodbye to the SFBC, even though I didn’t particularly like most of their beers. Ah well.

SF Brewing glass

Logo pint glass from the now-closed San Francisco Brewing Company

    Rob’s Picks

  • Albatross Lager – good
  • Emperor Norton Lager – good
  • St Stephens Bock – Yum! Like a brown ale.
    The Rest

  • Andromeda Wheat – meh, weak
  • SF Pale Ale – meh, borderline okay
  • ShanghaIPA – okay, but not so bitter or crisp
  • Xmas Cheer – pretty good, but nothing creative
  • Alcatraz Stout – kind of flat-tasting

There are other interesting things in my scribblings in the SF Brewing Co. A snippet of conversation from a nearby table: “I would rather my sister were a stripper than a telemarketer.” I apparently took the picture of two couples at another table (with their camera at their request…), and they were having a “young, meta conversation,” whatever that means. “A strike against the S.F.B.C.: They’re playing Sting.” And as far as the weather went, it was pouring down rain that afternoon.

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