Got out to a cool new Dutch brewery called Maallust. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate to “bad lust,” which might be appropriate for the Netherlands. Maal means mill, a grain mill, to be precise, and lust is merely liking to do something, in this case mill grain. Bad Lust sounds much more fun, though. Anyway, they’ve been open for about a month or so and have three beers they sell. It’s a small place so that might be it for their beer offerings for the next hundred years or so. Erin, Rene, and I made the trek to the UNESCO-recognized prison museum in Veenhuizen where the brewery is located to check them out. It’s a beautiful building they have, so I hope it’s successful.

Maallust beer selection

The three beers made by Maallust — Veenhuizen, Netherlands

    Rob’s Picks

  • Vienna – Vienna via the Northwest, apparently. Reminiscent of Mac and Jack’s African Amber. Kind of bock-like, but without that bock-y sweetness I don’t like.
  • Blond – Interesting flavors. Bit of maltiness, bit of spiciness, not as light as I expected. Definitely grew on me. A nice surprise of a beer.
    The Rest

  • Weizen – Bit of honey aroma and taste at first. Good breadiness, light on the tongue. Good bubbliness. A fine summer beer, I initially thought. The more I drank, however, the more apparent a green olive taste/aroma became. Hopefully they’ll fix that.
shiny shiny

Shiny new brewing gear at Maallust — Veenhuizen, Netherlands

Maallust had two different styles of glasses available for purchase. This time I gave in to my bad lust for logo glassware and bought the skinny one. I left it with Erin and Rene. When they get around to traveling out to Seattle they’ll bring the glass with them. Works for me. Maybe I can convince them to visit De Halve Maan and Cantillon, too.

happy happy

Me enjoying a Maallust beverage — Veenhuizen, Netherlands

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