Georgetown Brewing

Darn tasty beer. That’s their motto, and they sure do live up to it. Manny’s has been my favorite pale ale for quite some time now. I’ve liked their other beers when I’ve had them, but I always seem to go back to the Manny’s.

I toured the original Georgetown Brewing location with a random group of folks a year and a half ago or so, and Manny mentioned that the next beer he wanted to make was an IPA, but the move to a larger building was delaying things. Now the move is all done, and the IPA is on tap, and it was a sunny day in Seattle — a perfect convergence for a bike ride to the brewery. Did a nice little 15 mile loop through downtown, down the Duwamish bike trail, across the 1st Ave bridge into Georgetown, then back north on the Sodo bike trail, through the International District, and up the hill along 12th.

Update! 4/26/2012: Showed up on the bike again, this time to try their new Black Lager. They also had a just-discovered cask of Lucille that had been aging for a year — it was wonderfully smooth, with a touch of sweetness. Yum!

Georgetown Brewing

Georgetown Brewing sampler glass and taps — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Craigalicious Black Lager – 5% – Sweet malty and somewhat bocky aroma. Tasted almost like a bock, but not as sweet. Good dark malty taste, very crisp, dry, with a subtle caramel flavor. Really drinkable. Sort of like an easier porter.
  • Roger’s Pilsner – 4.9% or 5.2%, depending where look – Very refreshing. Tasty wheaty/bready flavor, with a subtle hoppiness, and just crisp and bubbly enough. Pleasant lingering aftertaste.
  • Manny’s Pale Ale – 5.3% – Still my favorite pale ale. Smooth maltiness, slight hop finish. Goes right down.
  • Chopper’s Red – 6.2% – Floral aroma, but not too floral in taste, which is nice. Good hop bite. Sort of a darker, more aggressive Manny’s.
  • Superchopp – small batch – Same color as Chopper’s, bit stronger aroma, immediate strong hop bite. Slight sweet edge to it, too, which I liked. Really nice. I wish they’d make this year-round.
  • Lucille IPA – 7.2% – Finally! I was looking forward to this one, but at the same time nervous that I might not like it. Anyway. Strong floral aroma. Great big blend of hoppiness, and fairly light and crisp. Basically, really really great. Lucille, you have won my heart!
  • Georgetown Porter – 6.8% – Used to be called 9 Lb Hammer, but they changed the name after a “legal kerfuffle” with some east coast brewery. Ah well. Tastes as good as always, though. Chocolate aroma and flavor, with a good dryness. A fine porter, imho.
  • Lisa’s “The Sun Is Trying To Kill Me” Chocolate Stout – small batch nitro – maybe 8% – This one won’t be officially released until Feb 14th, but if you ask nicely they’ll give you a sample. Made with 15 pounds of Theo chocolate. Yum. Great Guinness pour, with all the little bubbles wiggling their way up to a rich head. Alcohol aroma. Creamy and smooth, but not thick. Alcohol and chocolate flavors, neither of which are overpowering. Extremely drinkable. Wish they’d make this year-round, too…

Wow. Two breweries in a row where I’ve loved everything they’ve had on tap. I missed out on their Donkey Deux (Belgian-style Dubbel) that they brewed up for Belgianfest, but they’ll be making it again. Also in the works is the Georgetown Braggot, a mead-style brew. Hmm. Sounds interesting, at least.

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