Fremont Brewing

Squeezed in another short bike ride between rain storms, this time to Fremont Brewing in the Center of the Universe, the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Didn’t quite work in too many extra hills, but the fairly strong wind made much of the ride feel like I was biking uphill more often than not. Or maybe the sampler set had an adverse effect on my pedaling. Hmm.

A couple friends had suggested this place as a good spot for meeting up, and after some phone calls and texts, we all eventually arrived at various times by various means: me by bike, one by scooter, two by foot, and one by stroller. It was a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Fremont Brewing, and a baby

Baby-sized Fremont Brewing beers and baby-sized Molly (with her pink elephant) — Seattle, WA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Wandering Wheat – 4.5% – Good unfiltered amber color.  Great breadiness, with subtle underlying bitterness.  Bit of a sweet finish, too.  Pretty nice.
  • Abominable Winter Ale (seasonal) – Can taste the high alcohol percentage, but it still tastes good. Not one of those full-bodied (read: over the top) winter ales, which is nice. My oh-so-clever tagline: subtle but strong.
  • Mo Porter – Really, really nice. Not nearly as strong tasting as the Abominable. Nothing fancy, just a solid porter.
  • Universale Pale Ale – Pretty good. Fairly crisp, good hops, although they walk a fine line between the citrus and floral tastes.
  • Little Woody – dry hopped and oak aged pale ale – Really smooth. Fairly strong floral taste to the hops, but smooth enough to compensate, imho.
    The Rest

  • Interurban IPA – tasted like a hoppier Universale, but the extra hops were less citrusy and more floral
  • Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout – kind of a thicker and bigger Abominable, maybe trying to do too much

Maybe I should make a 2011 goal of visiting some minimum number of breweries. But maybe not. I wouldn’t want to jinx it.

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