Water Street

Update: Closed!

The second brewery of the bike tour was pretty close to the first, as well as to the Keystone ferry. Very convenient. Anyway, Water Street Brewing has a lot going for it — relaxed hang-out vibe, cool decor, friendly and pretty waitstaff, great food. Unfortunately, beer is not on that list. Very disappointing, especially after all the good stuff down the road at Port Townsend Brewing. Oh well. They also sell hand-blown, hippy-esque glasses (for $25/glass!), but no logo pint glasses, contrary to the artwork on their web site. I only had so much room in my panniers, though, so that was okay. Did I mention they have great food? The BBQ tofu sandwich was all sorts of spicy awesomeness.

Water Street Brewing

Water Street Brewing taster tray

    Rob’s Pick

  • Queen Nina’s Imperial IPA – kind of a messy IPA, but good enough
    The Rest

  • Schwag Lite – kind of meh
  • Purdy Pale – too floral for my tastes
  • Strange Brew Single Hop – well-named. Hoppy, but taste is all over the place.
  • Panama Red – vague caramel flavor, but mostly bland
  • McPrior’s Irish Stout – slight formaldehyde aroma, watery, mostly tasteless. Pretty bad stout.
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