21st Amendment

I ended up in the Bay Area recently, but only managed to get to one brewpub, 21st Amendment. Pretty cool spot, but the taster set was the most expensive one I’ve had: $14! Could’ve saved $2 if I had asked them to hold the taster of the guest cider on tap, but oh well. Had a “half” salad, as well, that turned out to be huge — a thick mound on a full-size plate. I don’t think I want to know how big the “full” size is. Anyway. They have an odd mix of beers. Can’t say I recommend their banana beer, and I didn’t try their IPA because it only comes in cans (as does their watermelon beer). Hmm.

21st Amendment

Artfully arranged 21st Amendment samplers — San Francisco, CA

    Rob’s Picks

  • Back in Black – one of those dark IPAs. Not so crisp but dark and hoppy, which is nice. 7.2%
  • South Park Blonde – nice, drinkable, fairly light. 5.1%
    The Rest

  • Autumn Wheat – okay, slight sweet edge
  • Fat Bavarian – banana wheat. Banana/clove flavor too strong for me.
  • Bitter American – American extra pale ale – bitter in a bad way. Basically a bad IPA, although it did start to grow on me by the end. Hmm. Only 3.8%, sadly.
  • Holiday Spice (seasonal) – winter pumpkin ale – ugh. At least it was strong. 7%
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