Not-so-formal Introduction

Welcome to the new home for my brewery blog!  It was originally hosted on a friend’s server, but I thought it was time to give it its own space.  I started it, as you can see, in November 2008, about a month after a road trip to Oregon during which I visited seven breweries.  The first several posts are fairly minimal because I didn’t know I was going to start beer blogging, but they do get more detailed eventually.

I don’t have any formal rules about what qualifies as an “official” brewery visit, but in general I like to set foot in the main production brewery or its associated taproom.  I don’t need to do a tour.  Taster/sampler trays are preferred, but not required.  I don’t blog about macrobreweries or the larger chain brewpubs, but I’m sure there will be exceptions.  There are always exceptions.  Once I’ve published a post, it goes into maintenance mode, and I update it with any new beers from that brewery I try, whether it’s from a re-visit or from somewhere else.  I’m not sure yet how I’ll handle breweries that don’t have any sort of visiting hours, other than not writing about them, but I’ll think of something.

That’s pretty much all you need to know.  Thanks for making the trek to my little corner of the web!  Cheers!

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